Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Episode 55, 10th, January 2016 : Outernet | Our 2016 Predictions

So, the Wonder of Stuff is back with a bang and the very first episode for 2016 is now out!
Apart from a story about how Africa is getting Internet based data from Satellites, the rest of this episode is taken up with our mammoth 2016 predictions show! So, there's a bit of a look back at what we said would happen in 2015 and then we look to the future! Internet Street Furniture, Hoverboards, China, Cyber Attacks, Alternative Proteins, Drones, Nuclear Fusion, Driverless Vehicles, Tesla, Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus, 5G, Internet of Things, Smartwatches and a Bluetooth Hat, it's all there for your delectation... Start 2016 on a positive note and give your brain a massage!
Wonder of Stuff is a Vodcast (and Podcast) about Science, Engineering and Technology and anything else we find interesting.  In Episode 55 we talk about the following...

1) "Outernet - The New Face of Satellite Internet?"
2) "Our Predictions for 2016"

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