Monday, 28 September 2015

Wonder of Stuff 43 Is Out!

So, NASA have found water on Mars? The Wonder of Stuff predicted it by using our in depth and intensive analytical minds and covered it on the show last night* We also covered the Bloodhound SSC and the World's Oldest Tree (hint: it's older than a couple of weeks)
So why not stay ahead of NASA and watch the Wonder of Stuff? ‪#‎wos‬‪#‎massageyourbrain‬

* We actually used Google

Friday, 25 September 2015

Confused by AWS Networking?

For the last 5 months I've been working on AWS projects and I've learnt a lot about many areas, including AWS networking.  If you come from a SysAdmin background, the networking aspects may seem a little confusing at first, so I thought I'd create some documentation to help anyone who is in my position.  

The first section gives an overview of the basics.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Episode 42 - The Wonder of Stuff Alcohol Special

So how is Monday going? Are you recovering from a weekend of alcoholic debauchery? Then you need to watch the latest Wonder of Stuff Vodcast. Episode 42 is a special covering the Science, the Social and the Myths and Misconceptions around Alcohol. Watch it now on YouTube. ‪#‎wos‬‪#‎massageyourbrain‬

Monday, 14 September 2015

Episode 41 of the Wonder of Stuff is Out!

o, it's been a couple of weeks since we spammed Facebook with the wonderful topics we cover each week on the Wonder of Stuff and since then things have changed! As well as our weekly Vodcast that streams directly to YouTube, we've now started saving all the audio out as a traditional Podcast, so you listen to us spout our dubious wisdom on your iPod, iTunes, Smartphone or Tablet at home, work or on the move! To listen to the Wonder of Stuff in Podcast form, just use this URL: Wonder of Stuff Podcast.

Meanwhile, you can still check out how photogenic we are and view episode 41 of the original Vodcast where we cover; "Is Alzheimer's Contagious?", "Lazy Humans" and "The Missing Tendon".