Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Premier Science, Technology and Engineering Vodcast Is Back!

OK, I admit it I'm bad at spamming people... Episode 46 of the Wonder Of Stuff (the world's premier Science, Engineering and Technology Vodcast/Podcast) has been out since Sunday and I haven't told you lovely people about it!  Well, lets make amends shall we?  In this wonderful episode we talk about;

1) Beefed up Canines - How to make your dogs look like Dolph Lundgren
2) Dyson Spheres and KIC 8462852 - An Alien Enhanced Star?
3) Water on Mars - We have the photo!
4) The Green, Green, Seagrass of Home - How Seagrass is more important than Rainforests

Go on, unleash your inner Geek!  #wos #massageyourbrain