Sunday, 10 August 2014

A Little About Linux

I'm a big fan of Linux.  I have been ever since I was introduced to it by my then boss (and still very good friend) Andy Armstrong in the late 1990s.  Back then, I remember that Andy used to use Debian (He still does) to perform some infrastructure operations which Windows quite frankly really wasn't up to.  I remember that after a couple of years, I started to get interested in the things Andy was doing.  So, I bought a boxed copy of Caldera Linux, (I have no idea why I chose Caldera) installed it, didn't quite 'get it' and then never bothered with Linux again for awhile.  Then Andy started showing me what I could really do with it, Bash and Perl and it all started to click... so I downloaded a copy of Red Hat (I think it was version 7, before RHEL came out) and I've used it (and distros based on RHEL) ever since.

Since that time, I've been a Linux Sys Admin, performed Linux consultancy and generally fiddled with it continuously.  Then in 2011 I took a managerial job which made me step back from the day to day tech and since that day, I've found that commands I used to use daily, I realise I've forgotten the syntax to and some concepts I used to be able describe in minute detail, I'm now a bit hazy with.  So, I've decided to put myself on a refresher course by writing it all down in a blog.  I'll be posting it all here during the coming weeks...

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