Monday, 16 November 2015

Wonder of Stuff Episode, 47, 48 and 49

Well, another couple of weeks have gone by and you're all thinking, "I'm really missing out... why don't they tell me what's on the Wonder of Stuff anymore?"  Well, fear not inquistive people!  We are here again to stimulate your neurons and show you what you've been missing!

Episode 47:  We looked at Horrible Science - The Children's Science Show (also suitable for Adults), Myths of the Hippocampus - Are Women's Brains Bigger?, Animal Friends in the Battle against Cancer - They may bite, sting or poison you, but they might just help you out!

Episode 48: Wendelstein 7-X - Another step on the road to Fusion power, Longevity - Can we live until 1000?, The Biggest Drone in the World.

Episode 49: Plastic Roads - A utopian world with no potholes!, Boeing Microlattice - The making of lightweight planes.