Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Cloud Experiment: Friday

So, the experiment is over and what did we learn? Well, the cloud is indeed pervasive in people's lives... I counted that I had direct interaction with 12 unique cloud based services and no doubt loads more behind the scenes.  But I also found out what I suspected all along and that is most of the cloud interaction will be at home or directed at the consumer and not at work.  In my case, we are very risk adverse at work and some of the main people who influence security hate the idea that data should move out to anywhere other than within our four walls, so farming it off to Datacentres in other places around the world fills them with fear and dread.  I suspect that many other Medium sized enterprises within the UK feel the same and that the main take up in Enterprise cloud computing will come from startups.  I think they are wrong as it happens and if fear of of data leeks is indeed a real concern, simply build financial penalties into the contract between you and the cloud provider.   If you have any comments on this little experiment or if you have done your own and the results differ greatly from these, why don't you share them within the comments section?

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